Venus And Serena Williams sad

The Sad Story Of Venus And Serena Williams | King Richard

Venus and Serena Williams faced racism on a vast level in their career. Did you ever wonder what stories the news or King Richard left out? Or what fuelled the racist attacks (like Indian Wells,) against them? Or what are Serena, Venus and Richard Williams are up to now? Time to find out!

Stonewall riots uprising pride

Stonewall Riots

Why do we celebrate Pride?
What does the Mafia have to do with it?
Did trans people of color create Pride?
What are the Stonewall Riots?
Time to find out.

What Is Juneteenth Krystal Lake

What Is Juneteenth?

What is Juneteenth?
Why don’t people know about Juneteenth?
Can everyone celebrate Juneteenth?
Is Juneteenth a national holiday?
Time to find out.

Male lactation third nipple mole nipples

Are Your Moles Nipples?

Are your moles nipples? How can men breastfeed? Why do we only have two nipples? Why do men have nipples?
Time to find out!


The Instagram pronoun update allows you to express your gender identity even more, by allowing you to add your pronouns. Here’s how to do it!

Why do Women shave thumbnail


Why do women shave?
Why is it ok for men to be hairy?
Is shaving harmful?
What does WWII have to do with shaving?
The answers to your questions will shock you. It’s time to find out the history behind shaving.

Why Is Black Being Capitalized

Why Black Is Capitalized And Not White

Black is now being capitalized, but white isn’t. Why? The short answer given by the New York Times is “white doesn’t represent a shared history.” But to understand that you’ll need to keep reading.

Christmas Alone: 10 WAYS TO ENJOY it

2020 has been a tough year, covid-19 created a lockdown that we never could’ve imagined and now you’re alone for the Christmas holidays, away from family and friends. You’re thinking, how can I be happy when I’m lonely? Well, lucky you, I have the answer!