Inside Andrew Tate’s Luxury Lockdown – Jail Update

Inside Andrew Tate's LUXURY Lockdown | Jail Update!

Andrew Tate's Jail Update!

Andrew Tate AKA Cobra Tate is facing 3 criminal charges, rape, sex trafficking, and forming an organized crime group. Both him and his brother Tristan Tate are under investigation, but new news has left the world shocked.

Andrew Tate Rape Charges

Andrew Tate: Rape - Explained

Andrew Tate keeps finding himself facing rape charges

This dates back to when he was on the show Big Brother when the cops had to warn the show’s producers that he was facing a few charges during the show (rape and physical assault.)

To the numerous women who are speaking out about Tate raping them. One woman even said that Tate told her that he’s “contemplating if I want to rape you.”

To the video evidence, phone evidence, and his views on his own social media.

He even publically said this.

Tate also revealed how he exploits women and launched a masterclass on how boys can learn to do the same.

With all of this, it might look like the end for Tate, or not?

Andrew Tate hustlers university
Andrew Tate Toxic masculinity

Andrew Tate: Sex Trafficking Ring - Explained

Tate was released from jail but there is a very luxurious catch.

Let me explain.

Andrew Tate’s Sex Trafficking situation was wild because he kind of told on himself.

Andrew Tate reminds me of those rappers that literally tell the world how they killed someone in their song and then get surprised when they get locked up for life.

Here’s what Andrew did.

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate launched a web cam business where the women did p*rn. However, all profits went to the brothers, meaning the women received nothing. The Tate brothers started earning big money, so Andrew Tate dropped the Pimping H*es Degree, which was a masterclass for boys to gain knowledge of how they could do the same.

Now what does that sound like? … Creating a Sex Trafficking Ring, huh?

So this, along with the girls and women who said they were raped, led to Andrew Tate being locked up. But he’s locked up in this

And it gets even wilder.

(Comment below if you know someone that supports Tate.)

Andrew Tate Matrix Misogny

Will Andrew Tate Go To Prison?

Andrew Tate, Tristan Tate, his rumored girlfriend Georgiana Manuela, and Radu Alexandra Luana were thrown in a Romanian jail in Bucharest on December 29th for the charges. However, on May 31st they were awarded house arrest instead of staying in jail.

Here’s what house arrest looks like for them.

In this multimillion-dollar lockdown unit, there is a pool, a Top G gym, and a fancy lounge where Tate’s friends can visit, (even now during house arrest.) You can see the bedroom where illegal things might happen, and his creator room where he can drop his social media and video courses to teach boys how to earn modern wealth as well as degrade women, and leave them in shambles.

Andrew Tate's Home Mansion House Arrest

Why Andrew Tate And Tristan Tate Are Scared

However, Andrew Tate is worried. He still has to face the judge and try to win this case where he pleads not guilty to everything. But there’s something important to know.

Also, don’t worry I’ll keep you updated on this case through my blog and YouTube channel.

But listen, if you have a brother, lover, friend, or family member check in and see if they support Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate. If they do, try to find out why they follow him and send them this article or the video above.

Share this to your feed or with people that might not know what is going on with the Tate situation. (Here’s why)

Andrew Tate is getting into the heads of millions. We saw people like R Ke**y, with what he did to Aaliyah, and wondered how did the world let that happen?

We saw Ha*v*y W***ste*n, and those who screamed me too, and thought how did the world let that happen?

We are looking at the same mess wrapped in a different package, in a more powerful package,

Don’t let yourself look in the mirror and say how did I let that happen? Because now it’s more than just one person. He’s teaching this to millions of boys with internet access and a phone. On top of the mental manipulation, there’s also financial manipulation, which is why he’s growing at such a massive rate. If you want me to cover that I will, just let me know through youtube comments. 

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