Why Is Black Being Capitalized

Why Black Is Capitalized And Not White

Black is now being capitalized, but white isn’t. Why? The short answer given by the New York Times is “white doesn’t represent a shared history.” But to understand that you’ll need to keep reading.

Christmas Alone: 10 WAYS TO ENJOY it

2020 has been a tough year, covid-19 created a lockdown that we never could’ve imagined and now you’re alone for the Christmas holidays, away from family and friends. You’re thinking, how can I be happy when I’m lonely? Well, lucky you, I have the answer!

Summer Fav’s – 8/2020:

BLACK / MINORITY BOOKS The Uncomfortable Truth – Film: I Am Not Your Negro – Book: I Am Not Your Negro – Film: The Autobiography of Malcolm… Read More »Summer Fav’s – 8/2020:


BLACK LIVES MATTER Here are a few important posts. A lot of these have helped me get through this reality. I hope this helps you out. ❤︎  Petitions to sign… Read More »BLM