Why Are Women’s Pockets Small? | Women’s History

Women's Pockets Are Too Small

Why are women’s pockets smaller than men’s?

What’s the point of fake pockets?

Are women’s pockets more likely to grow?

Time to find out.

There are reasons why women statistically loose more items than men, and why women’s pockets are 48% smaller than mens, by the end of this article you’ll know why. I’m bringing you the facts, telling you the myths, and revealing what you need to know about women’s pockets. Time to get educated!

Today you’re going to learn about how women ended up with smaller pockets than men. This article might shock you and might piss you off, so get ready. To understand the pocket problem we’re going to have to time travel.

Women's Pockets AND MEN's pockets

the middle ages

In the Middle Ages, men and women were wearing pouches to carry their belongings around. These pouches went under their clothes, but there were little slits cut through the clothes so their items could be easily accessed. The reason for this was to keep privacy and also to protect their pouch from getting stolen or cut by thieves. 

Then later on in the 17th-century women’s clothes became more…difficult. Clothes for women were tight and poofy at the same time. With all that poof, women couldn’t hide their pouches underneath their clothing anymore, so they began to carry reticules, which was an early version of a purse.

But what happened with men? Well, they definitely weren’t wearing poofy, rib-crushing dresses that’s for sure. Men were able to experience official pockets. Pockets were sewn into their coat linings, tops, and trousers. While women had to get undressed to reach the pouch underneath their big ole dress, meaning they couldn’t carry their personal items with them because they couldn’t take them out in public. This forced women to leave their belongings with their male partner, who would have pockets everywhere. 

Where It Goes downhill

Historians linked women not being able to reach their pockets, to women being pushed to rely on men. During these times men did a lot of outside work where women would basically look after the house. The reason why is because women had less independence, in other words, they weren’t free like men, they didn’t have as many rights and it was harder for them to get an outside job.

I bet you’re thinking, ‘ok, well, men have pockets to hold their stuff for work.’ Let’s dig a little deeper. It wasn’t new for women to be the ones to stay at home and look after the house and kids, this has been a running theme way before then. Remember, women used to have huge pouches, they carried all sorts of things. Keys, sewing kits, items from the shop, money, toys for the kids, my mixtape. They had it all! Then it started to become more clear on what men were trying to do in the 1800s.   

Women's Pockets middle ages

The truth About Women's Pockets

It’s the 1800s and women’s clothes are now tighter. Women can’t wear their pockets under their clothes anymore, so now pockets are on the outside of their clothes, like men. However there is one big difference, their pockets were extremely smaller. 

Women started to connect the dots on why this happening and they realized it was to keep women powerless. It was hard for them to be dependent if they couldn’t carry their items around. This caused a stir, and in 1891, The Rational Dress Society fought for women to wear comfortable and healthy clothes. They said “girl, throw that corset away” and they promoted trousers with pockets. Even famous fashion Icon Coco Chanel chimed in and started sewing pockets into her women’s jackets. 

However, sadly, many people believed women didn’t deserve pockets. A famous fashion designer had a few sexist opinions. Time to find out Christian Dior and many other had to say about pockets.

Women's Pockets rational dress society

War And Handbags

During the  world wars, women started to take on jobs that used to be only given to men, the reason why is because men were off fighting in the field during the war. This independence for women was reflected in their clothes. They finally had big pockets! Women were now able to hold their work items, everyday items, and money in their pockets. It’s about time.

So they thought. In then in the 1940s, the war ended and so did women’s large pockets. Fashion demanded women to wear super tight clothes, and the handbag industry started to thrive throughout this. Women couldn’t fit their items in their tiny pockets or nonexistent pockets, but they were able to get a taste of independence during the war. Now, instead of only relying on their man’s pockets, they relied on purses. Men were still relied on though because many purses still couldn’t fit what a man could fit in their pockets. The reason why is because the men controlling the fashion industry didn’t think women were worthy enough to carry their own things. A perfect example of this is Christian Dior’s quote in 1954, where he said “Men have pockets to keep things in women for decoration.”

Women's Pockets Christain Dior

Women's Pockets Today

This brings me to pockets today. In a weird way, pockets can be seen as a symbol of independence throughout history. We’ve been through the skinny jean phase, the jeggings with fake pockets, which had no point other than decoration, and the loose jeans phase. My loose jeans all have pockets, but statistically speaking, women’s pockets are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than mens, and with my phone getting bigger and bigger every year, this isn’t the best situation to be in. I should be able to fit an iPhone in my pocket if men can fit a TV in there’s, with the remote. 

Do you think pockets will grow or shrink in the next 5 years? Comment below. So many powerful women are shining in this time of life, which is why I won’t be surprised if pockets get bigger. The world doesn’t officially know the answer to this, however, I predict that people will find out the truth about pockets soon. The good thing is now you know and you can spread the word.

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Thank you so much for reading and comment below if this helped you.

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